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March 2014 Update

2014 brings a new website and finally, a new update on our lending activities.  As of March 2014, Compadres has lent $456,575 to nearly 5,451 women in 56 different countries.  We have nearly $55,000 in outstanding loans.  Here are a few success stories:

Kim used the Kiva loan from Compadres to raise capital in the business, in order to purchase materials for producing stoves to sell as she had mentioned in her business profile. With this loan, she can produce more stoves to sell as well as to get more profit. After the loan, her income has been increased until $40 per day. Furthermore, she can save until $88 per week. In the future, she expects that her business keeps improving day by day. 

Srey used the Kiva loan for purchasing cows to breed as she had mentioned in her business profile. Eventhough this loan doesn’t impact her family’s income recently, Srey expects her cows can grow and multiply in the future. Srey still works as a garement factory labor and her husband is an excavator driver. Both of hentai porn them live happily. In the future, Srey would like to rebuild her house and send her child to a good school to get diploma.

Kiva Loans – Visualized

The Video speaks for itself.



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